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About The Florida Gallery

September 2014, celebrated our 25th anniversary of the opening of our Photography Gallery/Studio/Professional Lab, Custom Photo Images at our present location of Boca Raton, Florida.

Having spent years as a local storefront, we have expanded into the world of online commerce as The Florida Gallery to provide stunning Florida themed prints and canvas prints worldwide with the exceptional customer service, high quality, and breathtaking photography our local clients have known for years.

Our growth as a business is a result of an evolution beginning with panoramic photographer, Peter Lorber printing his supersized fine art prints in a self-built warehouse darkroom. After much encouragement from fellow photographers who were disappointed with the printing quality of local labs and seeing how good Peter’s prints were, Peter along with his wife Addie, a teacher at the time, decided to open Custom Photo Images.


Soon after opening Courtenay Gilbert joined the team as a custom printer and Peter’s photography and creative partner. Together, they work as a tight-knit group seeking to provide customers with beautiful images and professional service.


Our philosophy has always been to use the best equipment available to capture and produce the spectacular images and prints we have established as our signature. Our image quality, size and artistic vision sets us apart from other galleries.


Whether you are an art collector, designer, decorator, or just looking to add vibrancy to your home, we have an extensive and exquisite collection of Florida images available to suit all your desires. If you cannot find the size or subject you are looking for in the default options, we can work with you to fulfill your needs.

The Lorber-Gilbert team total over one-hundred years of experience combined, and are recognized by their signature panoramic images. Their unique vision provides all our clientele with the best in photography with a wide range of subjects, sizes and print options. Their passion for photography and expertise in the field is what enables us to bring you this collection of high-quality images.


Whatever your interests, your décor style, your inspiration – we’re sure to have that piece you can’t live without. 



About The Artists


Peter Lorber has built his reputation as a leading world-renowned panoramic photographer. Over the years Peter has created his beautiful scenics using a Fuji-617, Kodak Cirkut camera, Roundshot 360° rotational cameras and many more. Along with scenics, he is known for his 360° aerial views, sports photos and especially his ability to print all his images as oversized murals with incredible quality and detail.

Peter now creates his panoramas digitally using Hasselblad cameras, Seitz Roundshot VR drives and technically advanced stitching programs to produce seamless panoramas with the enlarge-ability his work is known for.

Peter knows no boundaries when it comes to his photography. He has climbed to the top of mountains, hung out of helicopters and even dove to the bottom of the ocean to capture his breathtakingly detailed images.

Peter along with his wife Addie, have owned and operated the full service, high end Digital Lab/Studio/Gallery, Custom Photo Images for over twenty years. Custom Photo Images has evolved from a single darkroom into a premier operation with a reputation for producing high quality results. Peter’s work has appeared in multiple publications and his photography has been exhibited and is on display throughout the world. He is also a sought after lecturer and judge on the photography circuit.


Courtenay Gilbert is a Fine Art photographer and printer specializing in landscape and Portrait photography.

Courtenay was formally trained in photography in New York City where she attended and graduated from the School of Visual Arts. Courtenay studied under the direction of master black and white printer, Bob Brooks, and fashion photographer Frances McLaughlin-Gill. Courtenay’s fashion and editorial photography has been published in many publications in the United States and Japan. Her Fine Art Photography has been exhibited and sold throughout the world.

A Photography Dream Team

Peter Lorber and Courtenay Gilbert began working together in 1993. Over time they have become the perfect photographic team. They combine Peter’s technical knowledge and experience in panoramic photography with Courtenay’s artistic vision, feeling and post production expertise to create stunningly beautiful images.

Contact Courtenay for questions or more information about Lab Services, Photography and Photoshop.